Inground Pool Installation Cost

Making the decision to have a swimming pool installed on your Omaha property is generally determined by one large factor: What will my inground pool installation cost? The pool installation contractors at Hudson Hardscapes have been in the swimming pool industry for years, and you can see our in-ground pool designs and handiwork in the backyards of countless satisfied Omaha residents. Our swimming pool installation team is seasoned in all the ins-and-outs of the inground pool installation process, and are here to guide you in finding not only the most stunning customized inground swimming pool for your home, but also the right pool for your budget.

Our professional pool installation contractors will help you answer some of these common swimming pool installation questions to aid you in making the right choice when it comes to pool cost, functionality, and pool design.

Why Choose In-ground Pool Installation vs Above-Ground Pool Installation for Your Omaha Home?

There are multiple benefits of inground pool installation for your Omaha outdoor living space. Aside from the obvious enhancements to outdoor entertaining and added fun in the sun, inground pools are particularly beneficial as opposed to above-ground pools. Inground pools have a more permanent appearance, and seem less intrusive among your existing landscape features. In-ground pools, particularly concrete and vinyl pools, are highly customizable, further adding the ability to become a focal point of your landscape. At Hudson Hardscapes, we help you find the perfect pool designs to blend with your desired landscape aesthetic. Furthermore, in-ground pools add significantly more value to your home than above-ground pools.

How Much Do Inground Swimming Pools Cost?

Hudson Hardscapes pool installation team gives you up-front, honest pool pricing estimates. Our Omaha contractors can find the types of swimming pools to suit your needs, while remaining within your budget. Our swimming pool experts can give you an idea of both the initial pool installation cost and what each type of pool may cost you in the long-term. Here’s a breakdown of the types of swimming pools we install and potential pool cost, so you can feel more confident in your pool installation project for your Omaha home.

Types of In-ground Swimming Pools

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl liner pools are one of the most popular types of inground pools among our Omaha clients because they are easily customized into any shape, size, or pool design you envision. Due to the fact that vinyl liner pools do not have a porous surface, there is little opportunity for algae or mold to grow, making this an incredibly low-maintenance option. In fact, most vinyl pool owners are able to perform pool maintenance without the help of a pool cleaning professional—saving you money on pool services and the chemicals needed to reduce algae and bacteria. People also enjoy vinyl pools because the vinyl liner is not rough to the touch, preventing scrapes and discomfort from rubbing against the bottom of the pool. The main maintenance cost requirement for vinyl pools is that the vinyl liner needs to be replaced every 6-12 years.

 Vinyl Pools Cost:

Initial vinyl pool installation cost estimate–$35,000-$50,000

Vinyl pools maintenance (Over 10-year period)–$11,500


Concrete Pools / Gunite Pools

Concrete pools are popular among Omaha clients who are looking for a large pool. Concrete pools are often referred to as “gunite pools.” Gunite is actually the process used to create the concrete pool shell, which is customized to your exact size and shape specifications. Concrete pools are the most durable and weather-resistant, which can be great for homeowners who plan to live in their residence for a long time. The maintenance on concrete pools can require a pool professional, as an acid wash on the concrete pool shell is necessary every 3-5 years to get rid of all algae and mold build-up. This can also necessitate re-plastering of the concrete pool shell.

Concrete Pools Cost:

Initial concrete / gunite pool installation– $50,000 – $100,000

Concrete pool maintenance (Over 10-year period) — $27, 500

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are made of a pre-formed fiberglass shell placed directly into a pre-dug hole. The fiberglass pool installation process is the least time-consuming and can be a very affordable pool option for both the initial pool installation cost and pool maintenance. As with vinyl liner pools, fiberglass leaves little room for algae and bacteria growth to latch on, which saves you time and money on pool maintenance. Fiberglass pools are the lowest cost over time, because they do not require a vinyl liner replacement or acid wash, as the alternate types of inground pools. However, fiberglass pools come in a fixed size and shape, (usually no more than 16 feet across) so there are no customization options.

Fiberglass Pools Cost:

Initial fiberglass pool installation- $45,000 – $85,000

Fiberglass pools maintenance (Over 10-year period)- $3,750

Now that you’ve learned more about general inground pool cost and pricing, remember there are several other factors that come into play when you are considering inground pool installation.

Contact the Hudson Hardscapes pool installation contractors today, and get a free inground pool installation cost estimate for your unique needs. It’s time to transform your outdoor living experience!