Patio Pavers – Omaha, NE

Luxury Brick PatioPatio pavers are one of the most popular types of patio installation options in the Omaha-area, so why not choose the skilled paver patio installation experts from Hudson Hardscapes to bring your patio ideas to life? Our patio installation team at Hudson Hardscapes gets your patio paver installation completed efficiently, affordably, and with great attention to the unique needs of our Omaha-area clients. When constructing patio designs to enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor living space, the type of material you choose will have a great effect on the ambiance, focal points, and level of maintenance required. Using pavers is a fantastic way to create a hard, smooth surface in your back or front yard to keep your grass from being trampled on or to create a unique patio feature for your home. Hudson Hardscapes provides several types of patio pavers in customized designs. With all these options, you could match your patio paver to your home to create continuity between you indoor and outdoor living spaces, or invoke specific types of ambiance for your landscape design.

Why Choose Patio Pavers?

Incorporating pavers into your landscape is one of the most popular options for people living in the Omaha area for numerous reasons:

  • Countless Options:
    At Hudson Hardscapes, we provide an array of pavers made of materials such as cast concrete, glass, clay, tile, brick, cut stone, cobblestone, porcelain, and more! You can choose from multiple shapes, sizes, designs, textures, and color stains. You can even choose patio pavers that are frost-resistant and skid-resistant to make the walk to your car in the morning a bit less treacherous during icy Omaha winters.
  • Durability:
    Patio pavers create a hard, durable surface that can withstand high foot-traffic. Make transporting soil to your garden easier, avoid having to worry about mud, or create a comfortable seating area by using pavers to create a pathway or floor space. Pavers are often preferred over gravel or wood chips because they last through the Omaha snow and rain without having to be replaced annually. Pavers are also more comfortable to walk on with bare feet which is especially important if you have children that enjoy outside.
  • Functionality:
    Pavers are a practical choice as a material for any of your outdoor living space needs. Pavers can be used to create walkways toward a focal point in the landscaping, such as a garden or fountain, as well as to construct patios, outdoor steps, unique driveways and sidewalks, or edging to define a particular space like a garden.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    Save time and money when you choose easy-to-maintain patio pavers instead of materials like asphalt, gravel, or wood chips. Pavers are meant to withstand the elements which can cause a constant struggle for anyone in Omaha with a landscape to maintain. Nobody enjoys having to replace wood chips that have decayed over the winter or having to rake up the gravel that has been displaced from the weather. You can also be sure that if people are walking on pavers instead of grass, there will be no mud tracks inside the house. Don’t forget, the more you cover your lawn with pavers, the less mowing and weeding you have to do!

Using patio pavers will make outdoor lawn care a breeze while adding a unique, customized appearance to your outdoor living spaces.

Call the experienced patio installation contractors at Hudson Hardscapes to help you select the patio paver designs that will be the most functional and stylish for your Omaha home!