Retaining Wall Construction – Omaha , NE

retaining-walls-hardscapesHudson Hardscapes can shape your landscape with custom retaining wall construction. Retaining walls are used for multiple reasons, both functional and aesthetic, and the retaining wall installation team at Hudson Hardscapes has the knowledge and experience to develop your retaining wall designs with ease. Many neighborhoods in the Omaha area are naturally situated on hilly or sloping surfaces, which typically creates the perfect opportunity to add a retaining wall to your outdoor living space. However, there are also several flat, drab backyard landscapes that our outdoor remodeling crew has transformed into a yard full of dimension, depth, and beauty with our custom retaining wall construction. Whether you are seeking to even-out sloping areas in your lawn, provide soil and erosion control, improve drainage management, or simply create a border around your outdoor living space for some privacy, retaining walls are often a necessary aspect of any outdoor living space.

Types of Retaining Walls

There are many different types of retaining walls, and our seasoned landscaping contractors at Hudson Hardscapes are the most knowledgeable consultants in Omaha when it comes to finding the type of retaining wall most suited to your needs. Hudson Hardscapes specializes in wood retaining walls, concrete retaining walls, and any other type of retaining wall blocks that can be used to create your retaining wall design. Retaining walls can be created out of all sorts of materials and can come in different colors and textures. Brick and stone retaining walls create a rustic or vintage feel, while metallic or concrete retaining walls can create a sleek, modernized appearance. Your Hudson Hardscapes retaining wall installation expert will work with you to design a retaining wall that suits your unique design style.

Why Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

The typical landscape in the Omaha area is much hillier than many of the surrounding areas in Nebraska and Iowa. This can create some difficulties when trying to create certain landscaping designs for your outdoor living space. If your main concern is stabilizing your soil to prevent erosion or to create a buttress to form a flatter surface for your sloping lawn, retaining walls are a perfect option for your Omaha home. If your dream is to have a garden, but your yard is too hilly, a retaining wall can create a unique hillside garden space. In addition, retaining walls can also provide a unique alternative to a fence around your patio, deck, or outdoor living space. Whatever your specific need may be, Hudson Hardscapes can create the most functional retaining wall to best suit your outdoor sanctuary and personal design style.

Speak with the retaining wall construction experts at Hudson Hardscapes to discover how we can create a custom retaining wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for the outdoor living space of your Omaha home or business!